Current Semester (Fall 2021)

Tuesday, September 21st, 3:15pm

Physics Colloquium: Nanostructured Materials – From Magneto-Ionics to Fighting COVID-19
Prof. Kai Liu, Georgetown University

Tuesday, October 5th, 3:15pm

Physics Colloquium: Structural origins of the mechanics and fracture properties of articular cartilage
Prof. Moumita Das, Rochester Institute of Technology

Tuesday, October 19th, 3:15pm

Physics Colloquium: Topological Surface States in Dirac Semimetal α-Sn
Prof. Mingzhong Wu, Colorado State University

Tuesday, November 2nd, 3:15pm

Physics Colloquium: Exploring the chemical landscape of functional oxides using theory and computation
Dr. Valentino Cooper, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Tuesday, November 16th, 3:15pm

Physics Colloquium: Soft gels and sustainable cements
Prof. Emanuela Del Gado, Georgetown University

Tuesday, November 30th, 3:15pm

Physics Colloquium: Supporting the integration of numerical computation in physics education
Prof. Danny Caballero, Michigan State University