Colloquium Recordings

Colloquium recordings can be accessed by Georgetown Affiliated Individuals Only (you will need to login with your NetID and Password in order to view the recording).

Tuesday, September 21st
Prof. Kai Liu, Georgetown University
Nanostructured Materials – From Magneto-Ionics to Fighting COVID-19

Tuesday, October 5th
Prof. Moumita Das, Rochester Institute of Technology
Structural origins of the mechanics and fracture properties of articular cartilage

Tuesday, October 19th
Prof. Mingzhong Wu, Colorado State University
Physics Colloquium: Topological Surface States in Dirac Semimetal α-Sn

Tuesday, November 2nd
Dr. Valentino Cooper, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Exploring the chemical landscape of functional oxides using theory and computation

Tuesday, November 16th
Prof. Emanuela Del Gado, Georgetown University
Soft gels and sustainable cements

Tuesday, November 30th
Prof. Danny Caballero, Michigan State University
Supporting the integration of numerical computation in physics education

Tuesday, February 1st
Prof. Jean Anne C. Incorvia, The University of Texas at Austin
Using Magnetic Domain Walls for Cognitive Computing (Colloquium recording not published)

Tuesday, February 15th
Prof. Gen Yin, Georgetown University
Discrete quantum geometry and intrinsic spin Hall effect

Tuesday, March 1st
Prof. Jessica Rosenberg, George Mason University
Dwarf Galaxies: The Smallest Lights in the Universe

Tuesday, March 22nd
Dr. Marlou Slot, NIST-Georgetown University
Atom by atom: Designing and realizing electronic quantum matter