Fall 2020 Recordings

Colloquium recordings can be accessed by Georgetown Affiliated Individuals Only (you will need to login with your NetID and Password in order to view the recording).

Tuesday, September 29th
Prof. Chandralekha Singh, University of Pittsburgh
Facilitating thinking and learning in and beyond the physics classrooms

Tuesday, October 6th
Prof. Andy Kent, New York University
A new spin on magnetism with applications in information processing

Tuesday, October 20th
Prof. Brad Marston, Brown University
El NiƱo as a Topological Insulator: A Surprising Connection Between Climate, and Quantum Physics

Tuesday, November 17th
Prof. Vincenzo Vitelli, University of Chicago
Non-reciprocity in collective phenomena: pattern-formation, synchronization and flocking.

Tuesday, December 1st
Prof. Sadegh Khochfar, University of Edinburgh
The Cosmic Nursery of Black Holes and Galaxies