Student Profiles

Georgetown Physics Grad Student preforming demos

Welcome the Class of 2018!

Willie Beeson

Willie Beeson

Willie was born in San Diego, California in 1996 and moved to Morgantown, West Virginia shortly after. There Willie graduated high school and began studying physics at West Virginia University in 2014. As an undergraduate, Willie began research working in gravitational wave astronomy, and later began research in condensed matter, including integrated circuits and crystallography. Willie was also a member of an interdisciplinary research group studying statistical analysis in neuroscience, and worked as a teaching assistant in introductory physics courses for 2 years.

DaVonne Henry

DaVonne Henry

DaVonne graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and an additional major in Physics. He completed an REU in the summer of 2016 at the University of Pennsylvania where he explored the applicability of hyperspectral techniques on precision agriculture. At CMU, he was an active member of A Cappella and served as a Residential Assistant and Community Advisor. Currently, his interests include 2D materials and Physics education.

Lougen (Logan) Xu

Logan Xu

Logan graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire in December 2017 with a B.Sc. in Physics and a minor in mathematics. During his time at UW Eau Claire, he designed and assembled an apparatus to facilitate measurements that are more accurate. His final capstone project focused on the development of codes for comparing the bipolaron model and the electron-hole pair model in explaining the magnetoresistance of organic semiconductors. He served as TA and RA for two and half years in his undergraduate institute and taught high school students AP Physics and Calculus back in China after graduation. He is a fan of American football and real football (soccer). In his spare time, he loves cooking, reading detective stories, and petting his cat. His current interest is theoretical and computational physics.

Students at various stages of the program

Kara Googins, Class of 2015

Kara Googins

The Graduate Program at Georgetown was the right fit for me because it is was a small, collaborative and welcoming community that provided each student with the resources they need to be successful. I really appreciated that each graduate student is treated as an important and contributing member to the department. The Department has found the right mix of students that combines intellectual achievement, unique personalities and diverse interests outside of physics.

Abhay Goyal, Class of 2014

Abhay Goyal

The Georgetown physics program turned out to be everything I hoped for in grad school. The small but tight-knit community is both welcoming and encouraging, and the research they do is really interesting! Best of all, the friendly atmosphere and the lab rotations give you the opportunity to explore a variety of research topics.

Matt Sartucci, Class of 2013

Matt Sartucci

The community here at Georgetown is very close-knit and personable. It emphasizes collaborations and support from faculty and experienced research staff. The result is that graduate students are valued and encouraged to take advantage of the many available opportunities, both for research and career development.

Past Students

Pasha Tabatabai, Post-Doctoral Fellow In The Laboratory Of Living Matter At Yale University

Tingting Li, IPRO, PLLC

Chen Zhao, Amphastar Pharmaceuticals

Tabitha Yewer, Associate at Anderson Tax

Rich Arevalo, Academic Advisor at Empire Edge

Natalia Borjemscaia, Engineer at IBM

Tony Boyd, Research Fellow at the Naval Research Laboratory

Jesus Cruz-Rojas, Engineer at Netscout

Isha Dube,  Engineer at Intel Corporation

Yizhi Ge, Manager at Lockheed Martin

Simon Hale, Engineer at IBM

Michael Helle, Researcher at Naval Research Laboratory

Kai He, Scientist at NOAA

Pramukta Kumar, Founder/CTO of

Yian Liu, Engineer at Globalfoundries

Armstrong Mbi, Professor at the American University

Russel Ross, Lead Technologist at Booz-Allen Hamilton

Julie Schoening, Analyst at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Wen Shen, Financial Engineer at Fannie Mae

Misha Smirnov, Post-Doctoral Fellow AT THE Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience

Baoming Tang, Data Scientist at Twitter

Becky Van Pelt, Scientist at Areté Industries

Yanfei Yang, Research Associate at NIST

Joseph York, Manager at AIP