Student Profiles

Georgetown Physics Grad Student preforming demos

Welcome the Class of 2020!

William Charles

William received his BS degree in physics and mathematics from Fordham University where he conducted research in liquid crystal optics, lattice quantum chromodynamics, and automated stock trading. He went on to receive his MS degree from Fordham as well where he worked in Fordham’s computational neuroscience lab and did research in the areas of machine learning and computer vision. He wrote his master’s thesis on modeling childhood visual development more accurately for machine learning applications. William’s current interests in physics include statistical physics and hard condensed matter. Outside of physics he is interested in machine learning and public policy.

Thy Doan Mai Le

Thy, originally from Vietnam, graduated from Ithaca College with a B.S. in Physics and a minor in Computer Science. During her undergraduate years, Thy focused on a variety of projects, from designing control systems, renovating very old experimental devices to soft matter computational work. Her senior thesis, for example, involved the renovation of a diffraction grating spectrograph originally manufactured in 1985, by creating a modern control system (using Arduinos) that is compatible with the original spectrograph. In addition to engineering projects, her most recent work implemented a Python module for the inference of particle size distributions in dynamic light scattering experiments using latent Gaussian processes. Outside of her work, Thy is often found perfecting various famous dessert recipes and brewing too much of Earl Grey tea.

Students at various stages of the program

Daniel O’Brien, Class of 2017

Dan O'Brien Standing with Open Arms  Among Orange and Green Leaves and Trees

The GU Physics department was a perfect fit for me; its interdisciplinary nature affords access to specialists in a range of fields. This expertise, when paired with state-of-the-art experimental facilities like GNuLab and ISM, means I have the ability to conduct advanced technological research. Lastly, our geographical placement in DC both brings in speakers and collaborators from government labs and offers access to plenty of “nature” just a few miles outside of town.

Luogen (Logan) Xu, Class of 2018

The physics graduate students here at Georgetown are a close-knit community. I get to discuss research ideas with fellow graduate students with great passion and hang out with them outside of work. During stressful times, they were great companies to have intellectually engaging and calming conversations with. The faculty here is welcoming and caring. They do fascinating research and they really love physics. As it turns out, coming here has been one of the best choices I made in my life!

Davonne Henry, Class of 2018

During my undergraduate work, I was not able to explore specialized Physics topics and engage in research as freely as I have been able to do at Georgetown. I have gotten to engage with experimental and theoretical collaborators and I have the opportunity to take advantage of diverse areas of expertise among the faculty and students. Outside of research, I have enjoyed the opportunity to have serious conversations within the department about our responsibility to build a diverse and inclusive STEM community.

Past Students

Andrew Hankins, Process Integration Engineer, Intel

Kyle DiCamillo, Research Scientist, SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific

Jeffrey Cohn, Post-doc, IBM Almaden Research Center

Johnathan Wensman, Cambridge Medical Technologies, Applied Scientist/Project Manager

Sona Najafi, Post-doc, Virginia Tech University, Sophia Economou and Edwin Barne’s Lab

Xiaowan Zhang, Researcher, Blue Labs, Inc.

Oliver Albertini, Software Developer, Pivotal Labs

Pasha Tabatabai, Post-Doctoral Fellow In The Laboratory Of Living Matter At Yale University

Tingting Li, IPRO, PLLC

Chen Zhao, Amphastar Pharmaceuticals

Tabitha Yewer, Associate at Anderson Tax

Rich Arevalo, Academic Advisor at Empire Edge

Natalia Borjemscaia, Engineer at IBM

Tony Boyd, Research Fellow at the Naval Research Laboratory

Jesus Cruz-Rojas, Engineer at Netscout

Isha Dube,  Engineer at Intel Corporation

Yizhi Ge, Manager at Lockheed Martin

Simon Hale, Engineer at IBM

Michael Helle, Researcher at Naval Research Laboratory

Kai He, Scientist at NOAA

Pramukta Kumar, Founder/CTO of

Yian Liu, Engineer at Globalfoundries

Armstrong Mbi, Professor at the American University

Russel Ross, Lead Technologist at Booz-Allen Hamilton

Julie Schoening, Analyst at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Wen Shen, Financial Engineer at Fannie Mae

Misha Smirnov, Post-Doctoral Fellow AT THE Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience

Baoming Tang, Data Scientist at Twitter

Becky Van Pelt, Scientist at Areté Industries

Yanfei Yang, Research Associate at NIST

Joseph York, Manager at AIP