2024 Colloquia

Tuesday, January 16, 3:15pm

Physics Colloquium: Random Measurements and Glassy Freezing in Quantum Liquids
Prof. Paul Goldbart, Stony Brook University

Tuesday, January 23, 3:15pm

Physics Colloquium: Watching the Earth Breathe from Space: What Glowing Plants Tell Us About the Global Carbon Cycle
Prof. Taylor Jones, Earth Commons Institute, Georgetown University

Tuesday, February 13, 3:15pm

Physics Colloquium: Promote and Protect: The U.S. Government’s National Security Strategy for Semiconductor Supply Chains
Dr. Igor Mikolic-Torreira, Georgetown University Center for Security and Emerging Technology

Tuesday, February 27, 3:15pm

Physics Colloquium: Spins and Nanoscale Magnets: Non-volatile Memory, Hardware AI and Quantum Control
Prof. Jayasimha Atulasimha, Virginia Commonwealth University

Tuesday, March 12, 3:15pm

Physics Colloquium: Prototyping Emerging Devices and Networks for Neuro-Inspired Computing
Prof. Gina Adam, George Washington University

Tuesday, March 19, 3:15pm

Physics Colloquium: Trustworthy Machine Learning for Experimental Design
Prof. Angie Liu, Johns Hopkins University

Tuesday, March 26, 3:15pm

Physics Colloquium: Molecular Quantum Spin Science
Prof. Stephen Hill, Florida State University

Tuesday, April 2, 3:15pm

Physics Colloquium: Applications of Artificial Intelligence to Neutron Scattering
Dr. William Ratcliff, NIST

Tuesday, April 9, 3:15pm

Physics Colloquium: TBA
Prof. Satoru Emori, Virginia Tech

Tuesday, April 16, 3:15pm

Physics Colloquium: TBA
Prof. Reza Ghodssi, University of Maryland

Tuesday, April 23, 3:15pm

Physics Colloquium: TBA
Prof. Yayoi Takamura, UC Davis