Faculty member receives publication award

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A research article by Georgetown physics professor Emanuela Del Gado has been selected for the 2016 Journal of Rheology Publication Award. Each year, the Society of Rheology  selects the best paper published in Journal of Rheology during the preceding two years for special recognition at the annual meeting and for a monetary award. Prof. Del Gado’s paper entitled “Stress localization, stiffening, and yielding in a model colloidal gel” presents a new computational approach for studying the nonlinear mechanical response of soft materials like gels subject to shear deformations. The work,  carried out in collaboration with Dr. Jader Colombo, then a postdoctoral scholar at ETH – Zurich, provides a microscopic physical picture connecting the network structure with mechanical phenomena such as shear stiffening and yielding. The award will be conferred at the Annual Meeting of the Society of Rheology in February 2017.

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