Fine-Scale Observations and Study of Tornadoes and Landfalling Hurricanes

Tuesday, February 21, 2012 – 3:30pm
Reiss 502
Joshua Wurman
Center for Severe Weather Research

Fine spatial and temporal scale observations of tornadoes and landfalling hurricanes, using Doppler On Wheels (DOW) mobile radar observations and in situ observations will be reviewed. DOW observations in over 170 tornadoes have permitted the mapping of tornado winds, studies of wind/damage relationships, and studies of the processes involved in tornadogenesis. Combinations of DOW and in situ observations are being used to study winds in the lowest levels of tornadoes. The field phase of the largest and most ambitious tornado study ever, VORTEX2, which employed over 50 scientific vehicles to surround potentially tornadic supercell tornadoes has been completed, and preliminary results will be presented. DOW-based studies of the boundary layer of landfalling hurricanes have revealed intense sub-kilometer boundary layer streaks/rolls that are likely associated with the most intense surface winds and play an important role in vertical transport of momentum and heat. The upcoming ROTATE-LITE tornado study, planned for May-June 2012, will be discussed.

Host: Paola Barbara