Conference organization

  • 2016 Workshop on Rheology of dense particulate suspensions>,16-17 June, Georgetown University, with D. Blair (Georgetown), B. Chackraborty (Brandeis) and J. Morris (CUNY)
  • 2016 Symposium on Architected and porous materials at MMM2016, Dijon (France), with N Bartok (LLNL), J. Belak (LLNL), E. el-Azab (Purdue) and R.J.-M. Pellenq (MIT-CNRS).
  • 2016 Focus Session at the APS March Meeting on Clustering and gelation with competing interactions , with Yun Liu (NIST)
  • 2015 Symposium on Aging, Creep and Fracture of Cement Hydrates at CONCREEP-10. Co-organizer Roland J.-M. Pellenq (CNRS and MIT).
  • 2013 CECAM Workshop “From cooperativity in supercooled liquids to plasticity of amorphous solids”. Co-organizers Patrick Ilg (ETHZ), Asaph Widmer-Cooper (Sidney), Peter Schall (Amsterdam).
  • 2013 CECAM School “Simulating Activated Processes in Physics and Chemistry: Theoretical Foundations”. Co-organizers Giuseppe Foffi (Paris-Orsay), Wanda Andreoni (EPFL).
  • 2012 International Workshop on “Micro-structure, setting and aging of cement: from soft matter physics to sustainable materials”. Co-chair Peter McDonald (University of Surrey), Roland J. Pellenq (CNRS and MIT) and Karen Scrivener (EPFL).
  • 2012 CECAM International Workshop “Aging in Engineering Materials” also funded by CNRS, Lafarge (France), LABEINTecnalia (Spain) and ETH. Co-organizers: Pierre Levitz (Universit√© Pierre et Marie Curie, France), Roland Pellenq (CNRS and MIT), Jorge Dolado (LABEIN-Tecnalia).
  • 2009 — Founder of Swiss Soft Matter Days ( involving 8 academic and industrial research institutions in Switzerland.
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