CMT Theory Seminar: Nonequilibrium Dynamics of Correlated Electrons and Phonons after Global and Local Excitations

Wednesday, August 7, 2013 – 1:30pm – 3:00pm
Regents 351
Marco Shiro’
Center for Theoretical Science, Princeton University

Transient time dependent phenomena in strongly correlated systems are attracting a great deal of interest in a number of different physical contexts, ranging from ultracold atomic gases to pump probe experiments on correlated materials. Indeed when brought far from equilibrium by extensive energy perturbations strongly correlated electron systems can display non trivial dynamical behaviours or even be trapped into long lived metastable states that differ substantially from their low-energy counterparts. In this talk I will focus on the single band Hubbard Model and show that physical properties of these metastable states, including possible short-time crossovers or dynamical transitions, can be captured by a Gutzwiller time dependent variational approach [1]. As opposite, the long time dynamics where relaxation and thermalization will eventually arise crucially requires coupling to quantum fluctuations. I will discuss how these can be included using different theoretical approaches [2]. Finally, I will comment on the role of lattice degrees of freedom and surface effects on the non equilibrium dynamics of the Hubbard Model induced by sudden excitations such as those realized in modern pump-probe experiments[3].

[1] M. Schiro’ and M. Fabrizio, PRL 105, 076401 (2010)
[2] M. Schiro’ and M. Fabrizio, PRB 83, 165105 (2011), M. Sandri, M. Schiro’, M. Fabrizio, PRB 86 075122 (2012)
[3] P. Andre’, M. Schiro’ and M. Fabrizio, PRB 85, 205118

Host: Jim Freericks