CMT seminar: Extension of dual-fermion method to systems with disorder

Wednesday, April 4, 2012 – 3:00pm – 4:30pm
Reiss 261A
Hanna Tereltska
Department of Physics, LSU

We have extended the recently developed dual fermion approach [1] to study systems with disorder. In particular, we consider the effect of non-local disorder-induced correlations in the non-interacting tight-binding model with a diagonal disorder. Within this method, such effects are included in a systematic way as an expansion to the coherent potential approximation (CPA). Our disorder dual-fermion method provides an alternative way to go beyond CPA treatment of the system. The ability to properly consider the non-local disorder correlations and provide corrections to the CPA, is indeed crucial for the description of the electron localization.

[1] A. N. Rubtsov, M. I. Katsnelson, and A. I. Lichtenstein, Phys. Rev. B 77, 033101 (2008).

Host: Jim Freericks