Tailoring Bottom-Up Nanostructures for New Frontiers of Ultrafast Nano-Optical Physics

Tuesday, November 22, 2011 – 3:00pm
Reiss 502
Min Ouyang
Department of Physics, University of Maryland

In this talk I will present a few recent advances from my research group, involving a new scientific interface between nanomaterials, quantum physics, and ultrafast nano-optics. Through bottom-up nanoscale materials engineering, fundamental physics properties and coupling interactions, such as plasmon, exciton, and phonon, can be finely tailored within artificial nanostructures [1-4]. If time allows, several specific examples centering on light-matter interactions will be further discussed, including phonon dynamics, resonant plasmon-exciton coupling, and plasmons enhanced coherent spin manipulation [5-6].

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Host: Edward Van Keuren