Quantum networks with ions and photons

Wednesday, May 22, 2013 - 1:30pm - 3:00pm
Regents 351
Susan Clark
JQI, University of Maryland and NIST

Large-scale quantum computing and quantum repeaters rely on qubits that are well-controlled and can be fabricated in large numbers – two qualities that are often at odds with each other. One approach to bring these qualities together is to begin with a qubit that is well-controlled and long-lived in small numbers and link it to distant qubits using photons, thus creating a network. In particular, trapped ions are stable, easy to manipulate, and straightforward to detect. Here, I review my ongoing research that links distant trapped ions by entangling the spin state of each ion with a photon. I will also show results from a proof of principle experiment that demonstrates a photonic probabilistic gate and a traditional Coloumbic gate in the same system. Finally, I will discuss recent improvements that increase the speed and fidelity of the entanglement, bringing this system closer to its intended application.

Host: Jim Freericks