Quantum magnetism in ongoing ultracold molecule and ion experiments

Monday, March 25, 2013 - 1:30pm - 3:00pm
Regents 351
Kaden Hazzard
NIST, Boulder, JILA, and University of Colorado

I will discuss theoretical results on strongly correlated quantum magnetism in ultracold systems, especially far-from-equilibrium. I will especially focus our collaboration with ultracold molecule and Penning trap ion experiments at JILA and NIST-Boulder. These systems’ capacities for simulating strongly correlated quantum magnetism have exploded in the last couple years. Ion experiments can now coherently work with 100’s of ions, while control of ~15 ions has reached exquisite levels. For molecules, sufficient coherence of the rotational states, which are used to mimic spin-1/2’s, has been experimentally demonstrated. I will describe how far-from-equilibrium dynamics in these experiments is revealing signatures of quantum magnetism and the theoretical methods we have developed to describe the experiments. I also will explain interesting aspects of the the dynamics: benchmarking “quantum emulators” and creating metrologically useful entangled states are just two examples.

Host: Jim Freericks