REU student Anna Mazhar publishes work as a cover article in Symmetry.

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Anna Mazhar collaborated with Prof. Jim Freericks and Jeremy Canfield on a research project detailing a new way to solve for quantum wavefunctions of bound-state energy eigenstates called the single-shot factorization method. This work was started by Prof. Wes Mathews before he passed away and now has been completed. The article was chosen for the cover image. Anna is currently a senior at Columbia University who will be studying Applied Mathematics in a Ph. D. program in the fall. She was in the Georgetown REU program in the summer of 2024. Jeremy Canfield, who also contributed to the work, is a graduate student in Prof. Freericks’ group. The paper is entitled Single-Shot Factorization Approach to Bound States in Quantum Mechanics  and was published in Symmetry. This work was supported by the National Science Foundation.