Quantum Mechanics for Everyone launches on EdX

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Quantum mechanics for everyone

A MOOC on quantum mechanics for nonscientists launched on April 18, 2017 on EdX. This course was developed by Prof. Freericks and two undergraduate students, who made the computer-based tutorials and simulations. The course development was also supported by CNDLS and NSF.

The MOOC is designed for anyone who has completed high school algebra and runs for four weeks, but can be taken in a self-paced format over the next two years. The course covers bizarre features of quantum mechanics like the two-slit experiment, delayed choice experiments, the Bell experiments, quantum seeing in the dark, and photon bunching. It employs the methodology developed by Richard Feynman to teach quantum mechanics for non scientists. Learners of all backgrounds, including practicing scientists, are likely to find interesting new insights from this material.

To enroll, go to Quantum Mechanics For Everyone