Postdoctoral researcher Oleg Matveev’s work on ultrafast thermometry is published in Physical Review Letters

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Dr. Oleg Matveev

One of the recent advances in experimental physics are ultrafast pump/probe experiments that pump a large amount of energy into a material over very short time scales (the time for light to move a micron). If we wait long enough, these pumped systems thermalize back to an equilibrium state. How can we tell when this has happened and how close are we to being thermal? This is the question answered in the recent article entitled:

Stroboscopic Tests for Thermalization of Electrons in Pump-Probe Experiments, which was published in Physical Review Letters .

Dr. Matveev works with Prof. Freericks. The work was funded by the Department of Energy and involved collaborations with Stanford University and the Institute for Condensed Matter Physics in Ukraine.