Physics professor receives $1M grant from Templeton Foundation

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Daniel Blair, together with collaborators Pranab Das of Elon University and Zvonimir Dogic of Brandeis University, has been awarded a $1M grant from the Templeton Foundation to study the science and philosophical implications of active matter in living cells. Taking a biokleptic approach, the team will create simplified versions of naturally occurring active matter, such as microtubule gels and microtubule-actin composites, and study the dynamical self-assembly of these materials in vivo. In addition, the team will host programs that bring together scientists and philosophers to explore how emergent properties of living cells may impact understanding of what it means for something to be alive.

The John Templeton Foundation supports research addressing the “Big Questions of human purpose and ultimate reality,” and promotes dialog between scientists, philosophers, and theologians on these questions.

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