Paranjape group hosts Khorana Scholar

Khorana Scholar

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Khorana Scholar Suchintak Dash, a student at the Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology in Bhubaneswar, India, spent the summer working in the Georgetown Nanoscience and Microtechnology Lab, under the guidance of Prof. Mak Paranjape. The Khorana program is supported by the Indo-U.S. Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF) and fosters scientific exchange between India and the United States by facilitating summer internships to Indian students, who work and study in a U.S. university research laboratory.

While at Georgetown, Suchintak fabricated and characterized sensors for the detection of potassium ions in body fluids other than blood. The devices are based on carbon-nanotube field-effect transistors that are functionalized by ion-selective membranes. The project fits into Prof. Paranjape’s broader research program on developing non-invasive medical diagnostics. Suchintak really enjoyed working with Prof. Paranjape and his team, and his experience at Georgetown was further enhanced through supporting activities offered by the physics department’s Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Site.

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