Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

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Graduate students Xiaowan (Kelly) Zheng and Luke St. Marie received the 2017 Outstanding Physics Teaching Assistant Award for their exemplary service as recitation and laboratory teaching assistants during the 2016-17 academic year. “Kelly was always on top of her responsibilities,” said Prof. Patrick Johnson when presenting the award. “Students spoke very positively about their experiences with her and pointed out how engaging she was.” According to Prof. Chris Cothran, Luke did an excellent job running lab sections, and students appreciated his expertise and ability to help them learn. “Luke was incredibly helpful and patient when fielding my questions,” wrote one student. “I had a wonderful experience in lab this year.”


The physics department awarded the 2016 Outstanding Physics Teaching Assistant Award to graduate students Kara Googins and Tabitha Yewer for their exemplary service as recitation and laboratory teaching assistants for the Principles of Physics courses during the 2015-16 academic year. “Kara is a phenomenal recitation TA. She goes above and beyond her duties all the time,and her office hours and recitation sections are very popular with students,” says Prof. Patrick Johnson. Prof. Chris Cothran notes that Tabitha is always on top of things in the lab, has a great rapport with students, and, in the words of one student, “Tabitha is THE BEST! She is so helpful and clear in her explanations!”

2016 TA Award Recipients

Each awardee is presented with a certificate of achievement and a gift membership to the American Association of Physics Teachers, a professional society dedicated to enhancing the understanding and appreciation of physics through teaching.