Georgetown physics undergraduates presenting research at the APS March Meeting

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Two Georgetown undergraduates will be giving talks about their research projects at the American Physical Society March Meeting in Baltimore next week. The March Meeting is the largest physics meeting in the world and over 8500 physicists are expected to attend this year. On Tuesday, sophomore John Kerin will be presenting a talk titled “Nonlinear dynamical analysis of fibrillation”. In collaboration with Georgetown graduate Dr. Justin Sporrer (C’03) and Prof. David Egolf, John has been using techniques from the field of chaos to study cardiac fibrillation. On Thursday, senior Clark Esty will be presenting his talk, “Finding equilibrium statistical mechanics in spatiotemporal chaos”. Clark has been working with recent Georgetown physics graduate Chris Ballard (C’12), John Kerin, and Prof. David Egolf to determine whether certain systems far from equilibrium can be understood using techniques developed for equilibrium situations.