Brian Rost Named QISE-NET Triplet Awardee

Brian Rost

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Brian Rost has been named a Quantum Information Science and Engineering Network (QISE-NET) Triplet Awardee. The award will help augment the student’s current stipend, reimburse travel to and local expenses at the company or national laboratory location for collaborative research, as well as for appropriate associated research expenses. Additional funding will be made available to allow for participation in the annual workshop.

The Quantum Leap Big Idea was formulated as a cross-NSF activity focused on advancing the development of quantum technologies. The “Triplets” approach is one of the activities funded under the Quantum Leap umbrella. This network is about the development of a cohort of triplets, with each triplet comprising 1) University PI, 2) Industrial Partner or National Laboratory, and 3) Graduate Student, working together over a period of three years. All triplets will form a Quantum Information Science and Engineering Network (QISE – NET) which, guided by an Advisory Board, will organize the triplet selection process, and consecutive report-out meetings. This program will conduct yearly workshops for all of the participants at rotating locations. The workshops form an important mechanism for QISE-NET communications among the various projects and provide the means of knitting the network together. 

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