2009 National Book Award from Alpha Sigma Nu

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Professor James Freericks has won the 2009 national book award from Alpha Sigma Nu, the national Jesuit honor society, for his book “Transport in Multilayered Nanostructures: The Dynamical Mean-Field Theory Approach” (Imperial College Press, 2006). Prof. Freericks is the tenth Georgetown faculty member to win this award in the past thirty years.

The award was established in 1979 to recognize outstanding publishing achievement in the humanities and sciences by faculty and administrators of Jesuit colleges and universities. The 2009 award is in the field of the sciences. The book is a graduate level introduction to dynamical mean-field theory at a level understandable by first year graduate students. It covers many of the fundamental properties of the theory and recent applications to inhomogeneous systems like multilayered devices. Prof. Freericks has been working in this field of research for nearly twenty years. The college has a press release on the award.