Nanoplastics research featured in The Hoya

Research on the uptake of nanoplastics by zebrafish was highlighted in a recent article in The Hoya, New Georgetown Study will Investigate Nanoplastics on Animal Health and Development (The Hoya, March 29, 2023).

This work is part of a collaboration between Prof. Ed Van Keuren’s lab and colleagues in the Department of Chemistry (Prof. Sarah Stoll), the Department of Oncology (Dr. Chip Albanese and Dr. Olga Rodriguez) and the GU Zebrafish Shared Resource (Dr. Eric Glasgow). They are using novel nanoparticle MRI contrast agents they have developed in order to measure how nanoplastics are taken up by marine life, in particular zebrafish. Physics graduate student Orelle Bulgin and undergrads Yuri Chung, Sophie Taylor and Alissa Keegan have also been involved in this project, which is supported by funding from Georgetown’s Earth Commons and the Sonneborn Chair for Interdisciplinary Collaboration.