Georgetown researchers to present invited talks at the 2022 APS March Meeting

Three members of the Georgetown physics community are giving invited presentations at the 2022 March Meeting (new window) of the American Physical Society, March 14-18, in Chicago and online. This year’s March Meeting brings together over 12000 physicists from around the world to exchange ideas and present research findings on a wide array of topics. 

Dr. Ankita Gangotra, a postdoctoral fellow working with Prof. Emanuela Del Gado and Prof. Joanna Lewis, will present a talk entitled Upgrading Low-Carbon Pathways for Cement Production in the United States in a focus session on soft matter and climate change.

Prof. Jim Freericks will speak about pivoting the undergraduate quantum mechanics class to support training in quantum sensing in a focus session on teaching quantum physics at all levels.
Prof. Kai Liu will present his work on 3D metallic nanowire networks in a focus session on magnetism and transport in nanocomposites and heterostructures.