Georgetown researchers to present invited talks at the 2021 APS March Meeting

Four members of the Georgetown physics department will be presenting invited talks at the 2021 March Meeting of the American Physical Society, March 15-19, to be convened online. Each year, the March Meeting brings together over 10000 physicists from around the world to exchange ideas and present research findings on a wide array of topics.

Dr. Gong Chen, a research fellow working with Prof. Kai Liu, will present work on Chemisorption-Induced Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interactions in a focus session on magnetization dynamics.

Prof. Emanuela Del Gado will talk about The Physics of Cement Cohesion in an invited symposium on building solid materials out of soft gels.

Prof. Patrick Johnson will present The Physics of Star Wars in an invited symposium with the theme of physics for everyone.

Prof. Peter Olmsted will talk about Polymer Scission in Contraction Flows in an invited symposium on nonlinear polymer flows.