Gabrielle Dreyfus

Gabrielle Dreyfus

Adjunct Lecturer
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Professor Dreyfus completed her B.A. in Earth and Planetary Sciences at Harvard University (2001) and received a doctorate in Geosciences from Princeton University and Sorbonne Université (formerly University of Pierre and Marie Curie) (2008) for her research reconstructing climate change history from Antarctic ice core records conducted at the Laboratoire des sciences du climat et de l’environnement and Princeton. 

Dr. Dreyfus is Chief Scientist at the Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development, where she collaborates with leading experts and international partners to conduct original research, and craft and advance policies to slow global warming through strategies to control short-lived climate pollutants, improve energy efficiency, and protect carbon sinks.

Previously she served as the Deputy Director of the U.S. Department of Energy Office of International Climate and Clean Energy, where she led international initiatives and campaigns to strengthen and scale clean energy policy through the Clean Energy Ministerial. She developed expertise in applying science to inform climate, energy, environmental, and international policy through a series of fellowships in the U.S. Senate (AGI William L. Fisher/AAAS Congressional Fellow), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow), and Department of Energy (Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education Fellow).


PHYS-202 / BIO-262 / BIO 562 Shaping National Science Policy (with Prof. David Goldston)