Edmund Scientific Equipment Fund

Edmund Industrial Optics, Inc., formerly Edmund Scientific Company, has been a generous supporter of Georgetown University through two generations of Hoyas: Robert M. Edmund (B’70), his wife, Anne Gwynne Edmund, and daughters Nicole Anne Edmund (B’90), Genvieve Anne Edmund (N’93), and Marisa Anne Edmund (B’98).

Edmund Industrial Optics has supported the Department of Physics in innumerable and impactful ways over their many years of philanthropy, providing greater opportunity for our students and professors to explore research opportunities. Among items that Edmund’s support has afforded the Department is specialized optical equipment that has been used in eight different faculty research labs, the Georgetown Nanoscience and Microtechnology Laboratory (GNuLab), and the Institute for Soft Matter Synthesis and Metrology shared research facility.

The optical equipment has been used to develop systems for optical characterization of materials and measurements of interactions of light with matter. For example, components received by the Van Keuren lab are being used to develop a novel instrument for measuring molecular interactions in solution. The equipment not only bolsters our research capabilities, but is also used in teaching labs for upper level undergraduate course in optics.

We thank Edmund Industrial Optics for their continued support of the Department of Physics here at Georgetown University.