3D printing in cement-based construction

A paper by Dr. Ankita Gangotra (Physics, ISM, SFS), Prof. Emanuela Del Gado (Physics, ISM), and Prof. Joanna Lewis (SFS) entitled “3D printing has untapped potential for climate mitigation in the cement sector” was published in Communications Engineering on Feb. 3, 2023. Cement-based 3D printing is a rising technology with use and advantages in a wide range of construction applications. Importantly, it has the potential to limit greenhouse gas emissions, which is a major concern in producing and employing cement products. The authors recommend taking advantage of the unique capabilities of 3D printing to rethink the structures that are made with cement and find ways to make the material itself less resource-intensive. The publication outlines the benefits of 3D printing in cement-based construction and outlines steps for moving forward to combine manufacturing strategies, policy, and research. 

This interdisciplinary collaboration between physicist Del Gado, climate-policy expert Lewis, and their shared post-doctoral fellow Gangotra was funded in part by an Earth Commons ECo Impact Award

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