Doctoral Program

The Road to the Ph.D.

At Georgetown we are able to help you choose the path that most suits your needs. We can tailor your graduate experience to match your academic and professional goals. There are certain milestones that you must reach on the way to the Ph.D. and we are here to make that process as straightforward as possible.

Students have the option to participate in one of two tracks for the first two years. After two years, all students conduct thesis research:

  • Standard Physics Track: Four semesters of coursework in physics with laboratory research.
  • Industrial Leadership (ILP) Track: Three semesters of coursework in physics and business followed by an 11.5 month internship.

In our Ph.D. program, students take courses in advanced physics as well as additional specialized courses that match the goals of their scientific careers. Students who choose to participate in the ILP track will participate in an industrial apprenticeship. After the apprenticeship, students conduct research and write a dissertation.

Degree Requirements

To earn the PhD in physics, students must satisfy the following requirements.

  • Perform well in their courses.
  • Pass the comprehensive examination, typically before beginning their second year.
  • Participate in an industrial apprenticeship, if in the ILP program.
  • Pass the qualifying examination, no later than 18 months after completing their coursework.
  • Write and defend the thesis.