Measurement Science Roadmap for Additive Manufacturing published

The results of a workshop at NIST on additive manufacturing in polymer materials has been published.

Professor Peter Olmsted participated in a road mapping workshop held at NIST in June 2016, on the challenges of additive manufacturing. The final report has now been published. 

Peter gave an overview of some of the challenges: "This presentation addressed the challenges in AM processing: limited combinations of materials, processing conditions versus materials properties, temperature monitor and control (non-isothermal), non- equilibrium phenomena, urgent need for standards, etc. If there is going to be an understanding of the physics behind modeling materials, there first must be an understanding of the melting or glass transition. Most fundamental areas of polymer science can be linked to AM."

A related preprint by post-doc Claire McIlroy, on the flow of polymers during additive manufacturing, has been submitted for publication.

This publication is available free of charge from: 

The NIST press release has more information about Additive Manufacturing.