Industrial Leadership in Physics

Oliver Albertini, IBM Almaden Research Center

Oliver AlbertiniI did an internship at IBM's Almaden Research Center in San Jose, CA, working with Barbara Jones and the scanning tunneling microscopy group (STM). As a theorist, it was great to work closely with experimentalists (the STM was just across the hall from me). Also, it was an eye-opening experience to do physics research in an industrial setting. The skills of a physics graduate student are useful in many places; not just academia.

Founded in 2001, the Industrial Leadership in Physics (ILP) program at Georgetown University fosters academic excellence while providing students with the necessary tools for successful careers in high-tech industry. Students take the normal advanced physics courses supplemented by McDonough School of Business courses in business and entrepreneurship. The program is designed for students interested in industrial careers and a targeted educational experience.

The ILP program combines a graduate-level curriculum in applied physics with business coursework and an industrial apprenticeship. The apprenticeship gives students experience solving problems of industrial interest, and allows them to develop skills in communication, research, and teamwork.

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Key Program Features

  • Coursework in business fundamentals
  • A 11.5 month industrial apprenticeship
  • An independent¬†advisory committee¬†of industrial leaders