Graduate Studies

Practical Skills. Industrial Focus.

Innovation and Practice

research at an internationally-renowned institution

We offer both academic and industrial research allowing our students a firm grounding in theoretical and practical skills.

forge a path that best suits Your needs

The Industrial Leadership in Physics (ILP) student supplements traditional coursework and thesis research with classes in business and entrepreneurship and year-long apprenticeships with our industrial partners.

Small size, a big strength

Our faculty provides close guidance at every stage of the doctoral process. We foster a close-knit and collegiate environment;  a setting primed for excellence and advancement.

Modern infrastructure and facilities, a superior funding record

Our state-of-the-art research and teaching facility is specifically designed to promote interdisciplinary research and innovation.

Research at Georgetown

Our faculty is active in high-impact research programs funded through major research grants and industrial contacts. Students are actively involved in research within the department; we provide financial support so that our first-year students participate in several forms of research in their first summer.

We offer our graduate students a broad spectrum of research options ranging from field theory to neuroscience, some examples include: laser tweezers and micro-rheology to study emulsions and polymers, highly parallelized computing techniques to describe the structure of matter, and the construction of the next semiconductor-based devices for biomedical applications.

We have strong industrial ties with some of the largest corporate research laboratories in the country, including IBM and Procter & Gamble, as well as ties to many high-tech start-ups. These connections help students interested in a Ph.D. begin making connections within their first year of graduate school. These opportunities have allowed graduates to work in high-tech industries and at prestigious research institutions.